iPhone 2019 Rumors and Leaks – What We Know So Far?

Apple is not stopping with the release of its smartphone this year and is continuing to offer iPhones at different sizes and price for customers. Even if in 2018 Apple has provided iPhone XS with a 5.8 inches screen and the iPhone XS Max (6.5 inches) and iPhone XR, we can expect a similar lineup in 2019. Until now we don’t know for sure what name the new series will have, because rumors have mentioned it in many ways: iPhone 11, iPhone XI, or iPhone 2019. The rumors have begun before the announcement of iPhone XS, and XR and the details are a bit conflicting. Some sources say that Apple will offer OLED displays in the 2019 lineup, while other says that the company will stick with the LCD for a better price.

Rumors about the new iPhone 2019

  1. Specs – from the many stories about the new iPhone 2019 we have found out that the next generation of 6.5 inches will feature a triple lens camera at the rear. If the new iPhones will come with a triple lens camera, that means a lot of benefits for the user. We could have a 3D sensing for AR, and we will jump from 2X optical zoom to 3X optical zoom. On the other hand, the notch can become smaller, or it could not have a notch at all according to rumors.
  2. Display – Apple is the company that had worked in the last years to enhance the OLED support for its devices. In this purpose, Apple has created a partnership with Japan Display and had developed a site for research. Because of this partnership, many rumors are suggesting that Apple will bring OLED display on its next lineup, but on the other hand, others are saying that the company will continue with the LCDs. Also, the 2019 iPhone could be lighter and thinner due to the display technology named Y-OCTA.
  3. 3D Touch Eliminated – Apple plans to eliminate the 3D Touch from the 2019 iPhones, and in the future to remove it for good.
  4. Pencil Support – we don’t have accurate information about this feature, but leaks are saying that the Pencil Support will be added to the 2019 devices for a smooth operation.
  5. The Processor – iPhone 2019 will be supplied from the same company, TSMC. That means that the next devices will have an A13 processor for speed and 7nm with ultraviolet lithography included.
  6. The Front-Facing Camera – analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is saying that Apple will launch a floor illuminator for a better-improved Face ID. The purpose is to reduce the impact of invisible light that comes from the environment. Also, the plan is to reduce the notch and the front-facing camera to be a single module for the face recognition mode. Moreover, AMS is Apple’s supplier for sensor technology, and the company has announced that all the new sensors will facilitate the IR proximity and RBG light to be present on an OLED display.
  7. Rear Camera – the Wall Street Journal is revealing that Apple plans to use a triple-lens camera system for the rear, at least on one of its 2019 device. If we listen to some rumors about the 3D depth sensing technology, this option can’t be real, but having a triple-lens camera can give you a broader view, a more significant zoom range, and better performance in low light. We don’t have the complete details about the pixels of the camera, but one of them will have 10 MP, and the other will have 14 MP.
  8. USB-C or Lightning? – Atherton analyst says that Apple will introduce USB-C port as in the iPad Pro. But because the port is still in the stage of design, we don’t know for sure if the next iPhones 2019 will come with it. On the other hand, Steve Hemmerst is claiming that the prototypes of the 2019 smartphones will continue with Lightning.
  9. Wi-Fi 6 – reports are saying that the company will introduce Wi-Fi 6 for higher data, better capacity, and performance. This could also help the battery performance at the same time.
  10. 5G Smartphones – a report from Bloomberg says that Apple won’t introduce the 5G network across the 2019 devices. The company wants to develop its modem for replacing Intel, and maybe around 2020 we can get devices with this connectivity.
  11. Finally, those are all the rumors released until now about the iPhone 2019. Until September we will find out more, of course, but if we are looking at them, the information is pretty consistent.

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