Pokemon Rumble Rush Is The New Pokemon Mobile Game, And It’s Already Out

It’s a kind of magic, just like the song, but this time we are talking about the new Pokemon mobile game that has appeared from nowhere. The Pokemon Company has released the new mobile game named Pokemon Rumble Rush in Australia, and it’s free to play. Rumble Rush is a mobile entry from the Pokemon Rumble series. If you forgot about the Pokeland game announced back in 2017, this is it now under another name. Pokemon Rumble Rush will go worldwide soon.

What Does Pokemon Rumble Rush include?

Australia is the lucky one that can start downloading the mobile game from Play Store for Android. Rumble Rush will have live updates, and if you check the description from Play Store, you will see that it’s stating that the islands and seas that you will explore will change every two weeks. On the official website, the version for iOS is listed as coming soon.

However, Pokemon Rumble Rush is developed by Ambrella, the studio that had released the four previous Rumble titles from the series. Take note that Rumble Rush is not related to the Pokemon mobile games teased by DeNA. The game’s list details can be found in Google Play, but you can read them here too.

Pokemon Rumble Rush Details

  • The world will include uncharted islands with strong Pokemon.
  • You can now control your Pokemon with one hand. Your Pokemon will move forward, and if you have an enemy, you can attack by tapping on the screen.
  • The environment (islands and seas) would be changed at every two weeks.
  • By your journey through various islands and seas, you can collect new and more Pokemon.
  • After a stage is complete, you will receive ore. With the ore, you can get power gears that can be used for a stronger Pokemon.
  • Rewards can be won by winning each Super Boss Rush. For winning Super Boss Rush, you need many different types of Pokemon collected from your journey through the islands and seas.

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