Viber Messenger Is Now Available To Download With Novelties and Some Improvements

Viber is one of the greatest messaging and calling app in the world, with more than 1 billion active users each month. Below you can find more information about the service and the features that are offered. Now, Viber Messenger rolled out with some new features and improvements.

Viber Messenger Features

  • Completely free – Viber is completely free, harnessing the power of your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to perform a variety of tasks.
  • Synchronized – The smartphone and PC/laptop versions of the app are fully synchronized. You can access your conversations, send messages, or call someone at any time, from any of your devices.
  • Free voice and video calls – Call your friends and family for free anytime you want. Enjoy excellent audio quality and stable video calls, which bring your loved ones closer.
  • Viber Out – You wish to call someone who has a landline, but the signal coverage is spotty? Use Viber Out to call people who do not have a smart device or internet service. The service offers low rates, even for international calls.
  • Free messages – The text your family and friends in a flash! Share a large variety of content, including messages, stickers, or videos to bring some life to the conversations.
  • Group-friendly – The more, the merrier! Viber allows users to create groups with up to 250 members.
  • Privacy is assured – A high-security end-end encryption protocol will keep your information secure at all times. No one can access your messages, including the service itself.
  • Timed secrets – The Secret Chat feature allows users to send a timer for every message they send. The message will be deleted automatically when the specified period expires.
  • A personal touch – A rich library of GIFs and stickers allow users to add a personal touch to the conversation. Over 35,000 stickers can be found on the Viber Sticker Market.
  • Handy extensions – Use a rich selection of Chat extensions, which grant access to links and several popular apps and platforms without the need to leave Viber.

Viber Messenger update comes with novelties

A new update was released on May 15. The Viber Messenger update comes with the ability to customize the language of the app, even if the device is using a different language.

You can already download Viber Messenger from the Google Play Store or as an APK file if you prefer that option.

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