Rage 2: Things to Keep in Mind When Playing the Game

This game is about an asteroid crash that destroyed pretty much everything on earth. Life is not great now, but there are underground facilities that are still active. You need to fight in order to live, and you need to take part in a group of ideology followers called The Authority. Also, you need to take control of visible things.

The first scene of the game was inspired by the Duke Nukem movie. At some point, a mentor of yours will die. Throughout the game, Doctor Kvasir will return, as well.

What do people think of Rage 2?

It seems that the shooting part of the game is the best part. The sound is of melon popping, and every headshot means you’ve killed someone. Sometimes enemies might act as if they were hit, they might even fall on the ground, but then they would get back at you. The A.I of the game is not that smart, actually it is more aggressive and it keeps in moving most of the time.

What you should keep in mind

After you enter the free world, you will have to deal with three quest giver characters, and accomplish the tasks. Enemies will release something called Feltrite, which is used for upgrades – it’s a type of currency. However, it expires quickly, so you need to hurry up and collect your reward. This is a risk to take, since you need to live through this.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you never go out of Ammo, there are many resources out there. However, the last missions will include several shields and safeguard against damage, which makes ammo less useful. In this game, there is no such thing as stealth killing. In order to get rid of your enemies, use the Push button. Also, there is no radar and no mini map.

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