Clash of Clans May Season Challenges Available to Surprise You

Clash of Clans all-new seasonal challenges are now available, and the up-to-the-minute update of the popular game also comes with a new skin to the gameplay.

Even though the first season of the game’s challenges was packed and done with just recently, Clash of Clans‘ developers were already ready to launch the second series of missions. This season’s challenges are now accessible and bring around the reward tracks for the silver and gold levels in the gameplay; Clash of Clans players will earn more rewards if they execute daily and weekly tasks.

This season’s final level will reward players with the Gladiator Queen hero skin, as said in a post by AppTrigger. The precious Gladiator Queen skin is only accessible for Clash of Clans players that acquire the Gold Pass of the title, but even they have to complete sufficient tasks to gain up to 2,600 challenge points to arrive at the last level. The Clash of Clans Gold Pass comes with a price of 500 Gems. Clash of Clans loved season challenges were first brought in this year’s colossal spring update released back in April.

The official launch of the Clash of Clans May season challenges was enthusiastically communicated in a post on the game’s official Twitter page.

Supercell, Clash of Clans creator and publisher, highlighted in a FAQ post online the fact that all fans of the game have to know about the brand new Gold Pass. Making clear on all the differences between the free pass and the priced one, Supercell explained that the gameplay would not be changed, but one will acquire the silver level rewards for free only by regular daily playing. However, the company said, if you would want to complete all the levels existing and earn the total of rewards, and also the Hero skins, you will have to move up to the Gold Pass.

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