Minecraft Earth AR Game To Mimic The Pokemon Go Style

Microsoft has officially revealed its new augmented reality (AR) Minecraft game which mimics the theme of Pokemon Go. The Minecraft Earth game’s disclosure comes after a taunting announcement midst their Build 2019 keynote.

The unveiling was made a couple of days ago, on May 17th, as the game celebrated its 10th anniversary. Microsoft reports that Minecraft Earth’s first beta will be released sometime this summer, June to August, with pre-registration accessible at the moment on Minecraft Earth’s official website.

There is a specific detail that makes Minecraft Earth so different from all the other augmented reality games, for instance, Pokemon Go or even Harry Potter Wizards Unite. The feature consists in the fact that rather than accumulating or fighting classic monsters, Microsoft’s new game is placing a high focus on collaborative building, in other words, the exact same thing that made Minecraft so legendary, to begin with.

Minecraft Earth AR Game To Mimic The Pokemon Go Style

As claimed by previous details of Microsoft’s upcoming title, players will have to gather resources while going around their neighborhoods. These districts can then be utilized in construction projects on a small scale with their friends, or life-sized partnerships with everyone else in the area.

However, even if the base of the game appears to be made around the construction aspect, there will be a survival perspective to the Minecraft Earth as well. The survival aspect involves warding off creeps, and a breeding system where mobs, which is the game’s term for animals, can be hybridized to form new fantastic creatures for the player’s private or also public creations.

As said by Microsoft’s on-point FAQ, Minecraft Earth will be a ‘free-to-play’ game. The developer doesn’t want to incorporate any sort of loot box scheme into the game either, but some type of micro-transactions is most likely to appear in the Microsoft’s augmented reality game, perhaps sometime later.

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