PlayStation 4 Update Leaked – What Novelties Would It Bring?

According to various leaks that surfaced recently, we are close to a new major update for the PlayStation 4. As expected, this comes together with an array of fascinating features to be implemented for this console.

What Do We Have So Far?

The most recent update we got for the PlayStation was back on March 30th. Back then, we enjoyed the introduction of the feature that offered remote play for iOS devices. This allowed people to connect to the gaming console just by installing the PS4 Remote Play app.

A couple of weeks later, Sony also released the much-awaited PSN Online ID update. Finally, players could change how they appeared during the online games they played. Needless to say, fans have been waiting for years for this update and it had arrived at last.

What’s Expecting Us in the Next PlayStation 4 Update?

Tidux is one of the most famous Sony leakers, and they didn’t miss the chance to bring us some news about the future update. As such, the 7.00 update will come together will plenty of new features when it’s going to be released to the big public. Gifting games on the PlayStation Store may not be such a faraway possibility, from what it seems. This means that players will be able in the future to add various games to their wish list, and a third party can buy them as a gift.

Besides this, we may also witness some changes to the user interface. Among this, we can count trophy progression, as well as some stats and timelog for all the games you played until now. This translates to the fact that users will gain an insight into how much time they spend playing and how much they enjoy the games. Finally, PlayStation 4 update players will have the chance to pin games to the dashboard, thus accessing them faster and easier. Keep in mind that these are not official announcements, so take it all with a grain of salt.

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