Best Zombie Games of All Times That You Can Still Play in 2019

Zombie games are among the most popular genre people worldwide love to play. If you also like playing this genre, it means you must be looking for the best zombie games, so we put together the best zombie games of all time.

Best Zombie Games of All Times That You Can Still Play in 2019

Zombies Ate My Neighbours

This title is renown, vivid, and a weird game, available in Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The set comes with cartoon enemies, fights with a huge baby, and bugs, cheerleaders, and more. Zombies Ate My Neighbours is a finely designed shooting game that has the gut to get environment-destructive use from everything accessible in the game. It asks for more than a regular arcade game, but it is a novelty that comes with new designs.

Urban Dead

An iconic game based on text gives a sense of animal bridging for the undead, online, continuous, and entirely social. The game has no graphics, and you only get a couple of points to give commands every day. After you utilize them, you will have to wait in order to move again. The game is around for more than ten years already, but its features are still fabulous.

Left 4 Dead

The game depicts four types of zombie teams, led by an invisible power. Left 4 Dead comes with an impressive take on Artificial Intelligence and has a finely designed structure that influences the gameplay as it happens. The tasks of the game are a lot of fun because they never turn to be impossible.

The Last of Us

The title comes with a frightening and heartbreaking narrative, making you enraged and perhaps annoyed. The Last of Us is best for its dramatic scenario, which sets a reference point for other titles in the gaming industry.

Resident Evil 2

This game enables you to witness a night of horror, trying to escape from Raccoon City. The people in the city have been turned into zombies by a bioweapon, and the two playable characters are fighting for their survival. The game comes with a great variety of fights, shootings, jumping and more. Resident Evil 2 Remake is also available.

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