Gmail Vs. Microsoft Outlook Vs. Yahoo Mail Vs. AOL Mail – Best Free Email Services In 2019

We may be living in the streaming and social media age, but the humble email remains one of the most important and useful communication tools in the world. Below you can find a list which describes some of the most popular email services in the world – Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and AOL Mail.

Gmail Vs. Microsoft Outlook Vs. Yahoo Mail Vs. AOL Mail – Which One Suits You Best?


With more than one billion active users each month, Gmail is, without a doubt, one of the most popular email solutions. The fan-favorite service sports a selection of useful features, among which we can count a slick interface, excellent integration with other Google services and a robust protocol which keeps spam away.

Users have the option to snooze select emails, add an expiration date to their message, and block access to a particular email with the help of a special code.

Microsoft Outlook

Offered by one of the giants of the IT industry Outlook packs several features. Users will work with a streamlined interface which puts every tool at your fingertips. Certain interface features can be customized according to your wishes.

Outlook also allows users to automate a certain task, including email sorting and forwarding.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular email services in the world, and it is likely that most users had at least one Yahoo Mail account at one point.

Those who opt for this service will enjoy 1 TB of free storage space. Users also have the option to create several disposable addresses linked to a master account, which means that you can get all your email in one place without the need to use the same address.

AOL Mail

It may be one of the oldest services on the market, but AOL Mail offers a few useful features. A great advantage comes in the form of fine-tuning as users can customize a large number of specialized settings according to their wishes, including advance spam filters.

While these services are great for personal use, those who wish to use them for professional purposes should opt for a paid email solution, which tends to offer a large number of additional tools.

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