How to Fix Clash Royale Not Working Error

fix clash royale not working error

Clash Royale is a popular smartphone game, basically deployed on Android and iOS. However, the game, like other smartphone games, is prone to regular “game crashes” and “connection” errors.

If you are encountering either of these errors, follow through this tutorial, as we bring you a set of fixes to resolve the issue.

How to Fix Clash Royale Not Working Error

As pointed out earlier, Clash Royale is basically designed for smartphones. Therefore, in fixing the various kinds of errors associated with it, the operating system of your smartphone needs to be considered.

Fix 1: For iOS

If Clash Royale is not loading/working or crashes on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), you can fix the problem by following the step-by-step guidelines below:

  • Disable internet or Wi-Fi connection and exit game.
  • Restart device.
  • Check for iOS updates: navigate to Settings, select General and click on Software.
  • Update as appropriate (if needed).
  • Free up space on your smartphone’s memory: delete redundant apps and files.
  • Allocate more RAM space to the game and kill off other running apps and processes.
  • Power off your device and power it on again.
  • Relaunch Clash Royale and check if the error is fixed.

If, after going through the above procedure, Clash Royale is still not working or loading properly, you may have to reinstall the game or update to a newer version.

To fix this error on Android, check the next section.

Fix 2: For Android

To fix the error of Clash Royale not working on Android smartphones and tablets, follow the steps below:

  • Disable internet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Power off your Android smartphone and power it on again.
  • Go under
  • Locate and click on
  • On the the next window showing list of applications, locate and select Clash Royale.
  • Click on the Force Stop
  • After force-stopping the game, proceed and clear the game’s cache
  • Restart device and relaunch the game.

Once this is done, the error should now be fixed. If it persists, you can try and allocate more RAM space to the game, troubleshoot internet connection or simply reinstall the game. One of these would eventually fix the error.

Were you able to fix the Clash Royale not working error? Share your experience with us by commenting below.

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