Pokemon Go June 2019 Community Day Will Feature Slakoth And Shiny Slakoth

Pokemon Go remains one of the most popular augmented reality games in the world, and millions of players continue to play the game each day. The May Community Day took place recently, but the first details about the Pokemon Go June 2019 Community Day are already available. The June Community Day will take place on June 8th, and it will feature one of the most popular Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire – Slakoth.

Pokemon Go is one popular augmented reality mobile game

Pokemon Go was released in the summer of 2016, and it became an instant hit among mobile users. The title offers an enjoyable gameplay experience as players are able the become Trainers and amass a vast selection of Pokemon.

Besides collecting Pokemon, players also have the option to battle rival players and visit special zones to collect valuable resources.

The entire Pokemon Go experience is offered for free, but players have the option to use real-world money to buy a selection of useful consumable items.

Pokemon Go June 2019 Community Day will feature Slakoth / Shiny Slakoth

During the Pokemon Go June 2019 Community Day, the players will have the chance to capture the lovable Slakoth Pokemon since it will have an increased spawning rate in the wild. This will allow players to capture the Pokémon and collect a large amount of Slakoth candy. Those who are lucky may encounter a Shiny Slakoth.

If you manage to evolve it to Slaking before the Community Day event will be finished, the Pokemon will receive an event-exclusive move. The move has remained elusive, although some theories can be found on the internet.

Besides the increased Slakoth spawn rate, Pokemon Go June 2019 Community Day players will enjoy a selection of other bonuses during the event. The Lure modules will remain up for three hours instead of the usual 30 minutes time limit. Eggs will also hatch considerably faster since the distance threshold will be reduced by 75%, which is great if you wish to get some of the new Gen 4 Pokemon.

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