How to Bypass Countdown and Get New Lives & Levels on Candy Crush Saga (iOS Hack)

how to bypass countdown on candy crush saga

Candy Crush Saga offers gamers five lives per session, after which they’d have to wait for some time before getting another set of lifelines.

However, the wait often looks endless and annoying. Hence, to get you back on the spot, this tutorial will show you how to bypass the time countdown/waiting period to get new lives, as well as how to bypass the one-day waiting period to access Mystery Quest levels on iOS smartphones/tablets.

How to Bypass the Waiting Period to Get New Lives

Follow the steps below to get new lives immediately and start playing your game, after exhausting the 5-set lifelines on Candy Crush Saga:

  • Exhaust all five lives and close Candy Crush.
  • Navigate to Settings on your device.
  • Locate and click on General > Date & Time.
  • Locate Set Automatically and disable the option.
  • Click on the date (current).
  • Reset date/time; preferably one day ahead (4 hours should be enough).
  • Apply changes and exit Settings.
  • Launch Candy Crush Saga
  • Check for new lives: you should have 5 new lives.
  • Hold on; don’t rush to play.
  • Navigate back to Settings > Date & Time.
  • Reset the time back to automatic: enable Set Automatically.
  • Exit Settings and relaunch Candy Crush Saga.
  • Enjoy your new lives.

To play continuously, simply repeat this procedure after exhausting each set of five lives.

Also, to bypass the one-day waiting period and gain immediate access to the Mystery Quest levels, simply follow the above outlined steps, and you are all good!

So, what would happen if I start playing right away?

As pointed out earlier, erring gamers/players (with itchy fingers), who start playing the game immediately (without setting the time back to automatic), would be faced with a longer waiting period, after exhausting the new set of lifelines.

To resolve this, once you see the pop up message with the waiting time (in minutes), simply navigate to your device’s “Settings” and set the time forward (hours or days beyond the stipulated waiting period).

For instance, if the stipulated waiting period reads “5760” (4 days), you can reset your phone’s date & time to 5 days ahead. Subsequently, confirm new lives/levels and reset time to automatic. You can then enjoy your game unhindered.

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