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Angry Birds Friends 6.0.0 New Update Gets Released for Android, Windows Phone and PCs

Angry birds is a video game franchise created after the original video game, by Rovio Entertainment. The video game franchise was inspired by Crush the Castle, in where the colored birds are trying to save their eggs from the green pigs which are their enemies. The first game from the series was released in 2009 for iOS, and after that, the company has decided to bring the game to other operating systems such as Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, and PCs.

Angry Birds Friends 6.0.0

If you are a fan of the original Angry Birds video game, of course, you will like the new Angry Birds Friends 6.0.0, that comes with new six levels condensed into bite-size. Download the game and challenge your friends to take a spot on the global leagues, or challenge other players for a one-on-one at the Star Cup mode to earn rewards. What new features can we see in the new Angry Birds Friends 6.0.0? Let’s see!

Angry Birds Friends 6.0.0 Features

  • You will have three new tournaments every week, so it is impossible to miss one. Hit the play button and challenge your friends.
  • Each tournament will come with 12 new levels so that you will have a new challenge all the time.
  • The company is adding themed tournaments throughout the whole year.
  • Do you want more rewards? Get started and play for getting highs scores so you can climb in the league.
  • For maximum damage, you can now pump up your birds.
  • You can up your damage with individual blocks.

To sum up, Angry Birds is free to play, but if you want optional in-app purchases, they are available. You will always need an Internet connection, and some features can appear during the game. The new Angry Birds Friends 6.0.0 may include some direct links to websites that are taking the players away from the game, and also, you will see some of Rovio’s products or selected partners.

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