Astounding Google Maps Features You May Not Know

Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google and launched in the beginning of 2005. Although there are many other navigation apps, most smartphone owners prefer Google Maps, according to data surveys.

The following are some very useful features that everyone can use

  1. Download maps to use offline

Travelling abroad or locally, to a remote area, you might not always be able to connect to Internet and this is when offline Google maps could come in handy. Press the 3 lines icon on top of the main menu and choose “offline maps” and afterwards “custom map.”

  1. Share your location with your friend

Sometimes you have to share your location so that your friends or family may know your approximate arrival time. After you choose your destination, click the “share trip progress” button and then choose the contact you want to share your location with.

  1. Add a stop to your trip

On the way to a destination sometimes you may have to stop for different tasks and activities. After starting the trip press on “search along route” and add your desired stop.

  1. See information about your route by using the “commute” tab

After clicking on the three lines icon on top of your screen , press “your places” and once you see the desired saved location tap the “commute” tab between the “explore” and “for you”.

  1. Change the time of your travel

If you would like to use public transportation sometimes could be quite beneficial to change the depart time by tapping “depart at “button above the transportation types.

  1. Record your favorite places

If you want to go back to that amazing restaurant or wonderful park and you are afraid you might forget their names, just choose “your places” and then tap the “saved” tab. After clicking on “favorites” press the “add” button.

  1. Drop a pin to show your friends where you are

Dropping a pin in Google Maps and sharing it to your friends in a crowded area can come in handy. Just press and hold your finger on the screen to drop the pin and after labeling it, share it.

  1. Book an Uber or Lyft ride

Below the transportation option there is another line with on-demand car services, just press the “open app” button to book your ride.

  1. Use of augmented reality

Latest update of Google Maps on Pixel devices allows users to see visual markers in the real work while looking through the camera’s viewfinder.

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