How to Fix Opera Mini Not Loading Images on Google PageSpeed Service

fix opera mini not loading image

Is Opera Mini not loading images on Google PageSpeed service? This guide will show you how to resolve this problem with easy steps.

PageSpeed Service was designed by Google Inc. to check and improve the page-loading speed of websites and web pages. However, some users have reported that certain browsers do not load images on the service, and one of the most notorious browsers, in this case, is Opera Mini.

Therefore, this tutorial is specially tailored, to help you fix this error on Opera Mini.

Fix: Opera Mini Not Loading Images on Google PageSpeed Service

Fix 1: Reconfigure Rewriter

If your Opera Mini browser fails to load images on Google PageSpeed service, the problem is probably associated with the configuration of the service’s “rewriter”.

To fix this issue, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • Sign into your PageSpeed account and navigate to the service’s dashboard.
  • On the dashboard, Select Configure Rewriter.
  • Click on Optimize Images.
  • Find and enable the Lazyload Images
  • Set the ‘Lazyload images’ option to On page load
  • Click on the Apply to Live option to save the new settings.
  • Wait for some minutes.
  • And you are all set!

Once this is done, the images should now load fine.

For better performance on the PageSpeed service, you can modify the configuration of the rewriter settings, as described in the next section.

Fix 2: Enhance Performance via Rewriter Configuration

This fix would make your pages and images load faster. The procedures are as follow:

  1. Enable the “Optimize HTML” setting

This improves the loading speed of web pages. By optimizing the HTML settings, the size of the pages are significantly reduced. Consequently, the pages load faster.

To do this:

  • Go to PageSpeed Service.
  • Go to List of rewriter settings.
  • Locate and click on Optimize HTML to expand underlying settings.
  • Enable all the settings (check all the boxes).
  • Now, Apply changes.
  1. Enable the “Serve Resources through Google” setting

To do this:

  • Go to PageSpeed Service > List of rewriter settings.
  • Find and enable the Serve Resources through Google
  • Now, save the setting.

Either or both of the workarounds above would enhance/improve the page-loading speed of your site(s), and images would also come up fine.

Note: PageSpeed Service has since been retired by Google Inc.

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