30 Tips & Tricks to Becoming a Pro on Candy Crush Saga

tips tricks pro candy crush saga

Finding it difficult to become a pro on Candy Crush? This article is for you! Here, we’ll be showing you thirty tips & tricks to speed up your progress, towards becoming a master of the game.

Tips & Tricks for Candy Crush Saga

#1 Start the game from the base of the board.

#2 Accept gifts and extra lives only when you need them.

#3 Weigh up suggested moves before applying them; don’t always use them.

#4 If/when required, destroy “time bombs”, “chocolate”, “licorice” and/or “meringue” as soon as you can.

#5 Bypass time countdown to gain new lives & levels; reset time/date each time you exhaust your lives. Check out more here.

#6 Always disable “Boosts” for the next level.

#7 Hit the “Quit” icon to track progress, but ensure you don’t click “End Game”.

#8 Reshuffle candies; press the exit icon at the start of a target level.

#9 Save “Boosters” for more difficult levels.

#10 Take note of all the striped candies you create (horizontal and/or vertical).

#11 The “pink bow” icon indicates that you’ve been gifted with “3+ MOVES”.

#12 To get higher score, finish a level with extra moves left.

#13 Take note of the game patterns to pinpoint killer moves.

#14 Try and obtain as many “+5 candies” as you can; to add more time in a timed level.

#15 Be mindful of the “chocolates” you’ve eaten/destroyed.

#16 On a jelly level, clear the jellies at the edge/bottom of the board before going for the inner ones.

#17 Apply the “Coconut wheel” booster.

#18 Apply “Combo candies” to clear the board.

#19 Carefully move an “ingredient” to the center, when you come across one.

#20 Use “striped candies” for difficult levels.

#21 Clear “blockers” before candies.

#22 Take note of all special candies – “striped/wrapped/color bomb”.

#23 Use “wrapped candies” to garner points.

#24 Plan how “ingredients” pop out.

#25 Don’t fret when you see a time bomb; it’s all part of the game.

#26 Be mindful of your objective(s) at each level.

#27 Open multiple tabs on your browser; to get multiple lives.

#28 Plan each move.

#29 Know what’s at stake before destroying candies/blockers.

#30 Play the “fish candies” last.

Note: These tips are in no particular order. So, feel free to apply them as you see fit.

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