Xender 4.5.4 Prime Is Available To Download With New Improvements For Speed And Reliability

Xender is an excellent file sharing app which allows users to send valuable files with just a few taps, offering a vast and reliable alternative to the standard methods that were previously mentioned. Here are some of the features provided by the app. Now, Xender 4.5.4 Prime is out with several improvements for reliability and speed.

In the age of streaming and powerhouse smartphone, many people continue to transfer files using the same old methods. While Bluetooth and cable transfers remain reliable, they are quite slow, and the users have to be close to the other device to initiate and complete the task. NFC may be a bit faster, but this feature is limited to premium devices in most cases. Xender, on the other hand, is the ideal file sharing app.

Xender Features

  • Send files in the blink of an eye – Xender allows users to send files at an impressive speed of up to 40MB per second, which is considerably better in comparison to other file transfer apps.
  • Share what you want – Most popular formats are supported, which means that you can send documents, songs, music videos, apps, and app data without any problems.
  • No need for network connections – Xender doesn’t require cables, WiFi, or an active data connection to send your files. Feel free to send them whenever you want.
  • Unlimited size – From your favorite song to an HD movie, you can send everything with Xender because there are no file size limits.
  • Copy of your device – Transfer everything from your old smartphone to the brand new flagship in a few easy steps. You will get all your files, ranging from SMS, music, and pictures to valuable app data.
  • Keep it clean – Use a robust app manage to look through the files, check, transfer, or remove old files and create a backup copy.
  • Easy to use – The clean and friendly user interface will allow users to start a transfer within minutes after the app was installed.

Xender 4.5.4 Prime Is Now Available To Download With New Improvements

The latest version, Xender 4.5.4 Prime, comes with an optimized connection which is better and faster while several bugs were removed. The new version also comes with enhancements for reliability and speed.

Xender 4.5.4 Prime is available on Google Play Store or as an APK on APK sites.

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