Brawl Stars: Top 3 Brawlers for New Players

top 3 brawlers for new players

One of the trickiest choices new players have to make is “which brawlers to select” for the first three stages. Basically, out of the available 24 brawlers, you need a flock of suitable brawlers for Gem Grab (level 1), Showdown (level 2) and Heist (level 3).

Therefore, in this guide, we’ll be showing you the top 3 brawlers for new players on Brawl Stars.

Top 3 Brawlers for Beginners in Brawl Stars

If you are a new player on Brawl Stars, you might want to select the below-listed brawlers to further improve your chances of earning more points and unlocking/progressing to the advanced levels.

  1. El Primo

El Primo is, without doubt, one of the most important brawlers in Brawl Stars, and you’d be needing his skills/qualities and attributes from the very first stage – Gem Grab. This brawler is characterized by significant amount of health, which makes him ideal for the Gem Grab mode and other modes.

El Primo, however, is not suitable for the Heist stage (level 3), as the the “Ranged units” at the level would easily defeat him. This would significantly impede your progress.

In a nutshell, El Primo is quite easy to acquire, master and put to use. And if properly deployed, it can cause irreparable damage to enemy brawlers, especially at the Gem Grab level. Consequently, your progress is sped up.

  1. Barley

Barley is best suited for the Heist and Gem Grab levels. His crowd-controlling ability is what makes him stand out, and his ability to deal “AoE” (area of effect) damage, which destroys enemy brawlers in flocks, makes him a champion.

Barley is a “terror”, which enemy brawlers hate to face, and having him on your side would be to your advantage, especially at the Gem Grab level, as well as the Heist level.

  1. Shelley

Looking to speed up your progress in Brawl Stars? You definitely need Shelley! Though, she’s a little short in terms of ranging, she can cause a lot of damage, if she’s able to get close to the enemy. Furthermore, she’s fast and has moderate health; hence, she’s a good team member, who is needed in virtually all modes/levels.

Note: The brawlers above are mainly needed in the early stages. As you unlock more levels, more and better brawlers are unlocked for you.

Hope you are able to identify your choice of brawler to dominate the Brawl Stars game? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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