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Vidmate on iOS – Here’s How To Install and Run Vidmate on iPhone and iPad

If you are looking for an app that can help you download videos, music, Live TV shows & programs, sports, news and more, then Vidmate could be perfect for you. Vidmate has some amazing features that allow you to manage and organize your files and choose your preferred resolution and format. Even more, it’s completely free of cost. While the app is designed for Android, running Vidmate on iOS is possible.

One of the most used features of Vidmate is downloading videos from major streaming sites. For that, the app offers you several different resolutions, identical to the ones provided on streaming platforms, so every user can choose their preferred one to fit their screen size. This is extremely helpful if you need to download videos when you have limited storage space.

Vidmate is available in many forms, one of which is the app for iPhone. Installing Vidmate on iOS will give you access to download videos from many popular websites. If you want to download media, you won’t need to visit every site individually.

How to install and run Vidmate on iOS

However, there is one small downside for this app. It can’t be downloaded directly into iOS. Since Vidmate is an Android app, you will need to use an Android Emulator in order to get it on your iPhone. Don’t worry, we have a step by step guide to guide you through the process:

  • Download Android Emulator Andy
  • Download the latest version of the Vidmate APK
  • Once it’s done downloading, open the file using Andy
  • Install Vidmate: In Android Emulator Andy, go to Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources

Vidmate on iPhone and iPad features

After successfully installing Vidmate on iOS, you are all set to enjoy it. Here is a list of Vidmate features:

  • Download high-quality music
  • Several language options
  • Download high definition videos
  • Download unlimited full movies
  • Watch live TV

Hopefully, this short guide helped you install and run Vidmate on iOS. Besides, you can also enjoy Vidmate for PC, also via Android emulators.

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