Brawl Stars: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

brawl stars tips

Brawl Stars, from Supercell, is filled with thrilling and exciting scenes, and as a gamer, nothing beats that. However, with up to seven game modes to unlock, beginners often find the game a bit tricky. Hence, to get you started and further aid your progress down the line, we have come up with a set of tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners on Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars has a total of seven game modes; however, as a beginner, the first three modes – Gen Grab, Showdown and Heist – should be your priority, as you’d be required to get past these modes to unlock the advanced ones.

Basically, these tips center around which brawlers to choose (out of 24 brawlers), which mode to play, and how to earn and use gems/trophies/elixir among others.

These beginner’s tips and tricks are as follow:

  • Rotate brawlers in the Gem Grab mode to earn more points and trophies.
  • Aim once and shoot instantly.
  • Use bush covers and other obstacles to hide from enemies.
  • Do not stay under one cover for long; you’d get exposed if you do.
  • DO NOT play the Showdown mode until you’ve earned yourself enough points, trophies and brawlers.
  • Ensure you visit the gift shop regularly to check for points, offers and boxes.
  • Switch characters inbetween modes.
  • Obtain a Supercell ID and connect it to the game to get special offers – brawler Barley and Barley skin.
  • Save star tokens and elixir for the later stages, where you really need them.
  • Retreat when necessary.
  • Upgrade characters by purchasing brawler boxes.
  • Ensure the brawler with most crystals/gems is protected by all means possible.
  • Shoot into bushes randomly; enemy brawlers often hide therein.
  • Avoid enemy brawlers with tanks; do not engage them alone.
  • Ensure you take out “Poco” (enemy healer) as soon as you can.
  • Engage enemy targets as a team; do not break off brawlers during engagements.
  • Blow up barrels and TNTs to maximize damage.
  • Use Brocks to attack long range targets.
  • Attack weak enemy brawlers with few potions.
  • And lots more.

The above tips, though somewhat basic, would aid your progress (as a beginner) towards unlocking the advanced modes. Also, you’d be able to earn as many points/trophies as possible.

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