GBWhatsApp Update To Come Out Soon With Anti-Ban Features

Everything has begun with some GBWhatsApp users getting banned. Since the issue has started to go viral, the GBWhatsApp community has started to panic. The GBWhatsApp community is composed of a base of millions of daily active users, and GB WhatsApp is on top of the modded versions of the original WhatsApp. But what happened precisely, and what is the problem with the ban?

WhatsApp bans GBWhatsApp users

The story started last month when a couple of GBWhatsApp and other modded WhatsApp users have been receiving a ban for Validation of WhatsApp’s official terms. These users have reported their problem, but at first look, nothing seemed alarming. Later after that, more and more users of the modded WhatsApp were receiving a ban for Validation of the official terms. The modded versions that are receiving ban are WhatsApp Plus YOWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and OG WhatsApp.

However, the uncertainty was floating in the air for GBWhatsApp users. Some of them have uninstalled the app, other users are keeping it, but they are afraid of getting banned at any time. Even if the latest May 2019 update for GBWhatsApp was received, that couldn’t stop users of getting banned.

GBWhatsApp Update To Come With Anti-Ban Features

On the other hand, we know some information from the team behind the GBWhatsApp, and the good news is coming. The developer team of GBWhatsApp is working on releasing an update for this popular WhatsApp mod. The latest GBWhatsApp version will come with an anti-ban feature for preventing WhatsApp from banning GBWhatsApp users. They have declared that they don’t know how this happened, but they are working to resolve it.

Finally, the developers are perfecting the anti-ban feature and now are currently in the testing phase. We still don’t know the reason behind GBWhatsApp ban; some rumors are saying that the Elections from India had something to do with it. Until then, the users must understand that, in a few weeks, GBWhatsApp update with anti-ban features will roll out.

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