How to Increase Computer Speed on Windows 10 Computers

increase computer speed windows 10

Are you wondering how to increase computer speed on Windows 10? Don’t worry! we have prepared this post just for you!

Windows 10, as the most advanced version of Windows, is significantly faster than Windows 8.1/8/7 and older. The interesting thing is; you can still tweak your Windows 10 PC to make it run even faster. And we’ll be showing you how to do this in this tutorial.

Tips to Increase Computer Speed Windows 10

Update OS and Drivers

For optimum performance, ensure your OS and software/hardware drivers are up-to-date. While some computer are auto-updated (when new updates are released), you can check for available updates once in a while.

Limit Startup Programs

If you have many programs that run on startup, you are bound to encounter system lag. Hence, allow only relevant programs to start up with your PC. This would reduce the resource usage of your PC, which consequently speeds it up.

Scan for Malwares

This is very vital towards improving system performance. If your system is somehow infected with malwares (viruses), you are bound to encounter reduced system function/performance.

To improve performance, in this case, you’d have to scan for malwares and clear them off. You can employ any standard antivirus program (like AVG) for this.

Free Up Disk Space

This is especially important if a system is congested or cluttered, in which case, you’d definitely experience system lag or reduced performance.

To resolve this, check your disk space/storage under System > Storage, and see if it’s low. If it is, free up space by clearing out Recycle Bin and other apps/files you don’t need.

Adjust Appearance in Performance Options

There is an option on Windows 10, which adjusts appearance (in Visual Effects) to improve system performance.

To enable this option:

  • Go to the Start menu;
  • Type in “performance” in the box; and press Enter;
  • Select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows;
  • Go to the Visual Effects tab and select Adjust for best performance; and
  • Follow the prompt commands to finish up the process.

Run System Restore

This process would reverse recent changes made to your PC. By running system restore, recent apps, updates and drivers among others would be removed. However, your personal files would not be touched.

Other Tips

  • Moderate/adjust RAM usage
  • Open only few apps you need at a time.
  • Adjust power settings (to high performance)
  • Restart computer regularly
  • And more.

Hope you were able to improve your computer speed on Windows 10? Drop us a comment to let us know.

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