Plants vs Zombies: Character Data Reverts to Level 1

plants vs zombies character data reverts to level 1

Is your character data reverting to level 1 on Plants vs Zombies game? Don’t panic ! This short tutorial will show you how to resolve the issue, if and when character data reverts to level 1 in Plants vs. Zombies.

A number of Plants vs. Zombies gamers have complained of an issue relating to character data display. For instance, the character data reverts and display “Level 1”, even after getting past the first stage.

If you are a victim of this error, you can follow through this tutorial to resolve the issue.

Fix: Character Data Reverts to Level 1 in Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (1) is a top-end multiplatform video game from American gaming developer – PopCap Games – in collaboration with software development giant – Electronic Arts (EA). The game’s main characters are Crazy Dave (David Blazing) – the protagonist – and Doctor Zomboss (Doctor Edgar George Zomboss) – the chief antagonist.

Character data on Plants vs. Zombies is displayed, by default, as “Level-1”, irrespective of the level you are. However, most gamers (especially the new players) are ignorant of this; hence, when such players get past the first level and the character data is still showing “Level 1”, it often creates some form of panic (where there is none).

If you find yourself in this situation, you need not panic; the issue is neither a bug nor an error, but rather a cloud syncing issue, which can easily be resolved within seconds. To resolve it, and set the character data as appropriate, try either or both of the solutions below:

Solution 1: Connect to Electronic Arts’ Origin Service

By default, character data on Plants vs. Zombies is saved and synced to the cloud. And to gain access to this data, you need to be signed into EA’s Origin service.

Therefore, if your character data keeps showing up as “Level 1”, simply connect to EA’s (Electronic Arts) cloud storage (where the data is saved) by signing into the franchise’s Origin service.

Solution 2: Relaunch Plants vs. Zombies

The first solution may require you to restart the game (after connecting to the EA service), before the issue is resolved. Hence, if, after signing into the EA service, the character data still reverts to Level 1, simply close the game and relaunch it. That should do it!

Share your experience with others in resolving this issue. You can drop a comment in the comment section below.

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