Plants vs Zombies: Stuck in Empty Tutorial Level

plants vs zombies stuck in empty tutorial level

Plants vs Zombies is no doubt one of the most interesting games out there. And despite the fact that it’s been around for quite some time, it is still generating so much excitement in the gaming world.

However, till today, there is a preliminary level on the game that most new players are often confused about. This stage is known as the “Empty Tutorial” level, which most beginners are practically clueless how to get past.

To get past this stage, follow through this tutorial.

How to Break Out of the Empty Tutorial Level in Plants vs. Zombies

At times, as a beginner (or even a Pro) on Plants vs. Zombies, you may find yourself stuck in a stage (level) where you are unable to connect with other players. At this stage, you are still able to play the game; selecting base characters and shooting straying zombies. If you find yourself at this level, do not fret; you are actually at the game’s “Empty Tutorial” level, which is just like a trial stage or demo level.

Normally, this stage, as a tutorial level, is meant to show you what to expect on the actual game; it is not an actual level of the game itself. The “Empty Tutorial” level is mainly activated due to incomplete installation or while an update is still in progress. In either case, you get stuck at the level, with practically no idea how to break out.

To get past this level, try either or both of the solution below:

  • Allow Update or Installation to Finish

To break out of this stage and proceed to play the actual game, all you have to do is WAIT for the update to complete (if one is in progress). Also, if the game is still installing, check if the installation is complete; if not, WAIT for it to complete. Consequently, you’d be proceeded to the main menu.

  • Reinstall the Game

If you’re still stuck at the Empty Tutorial level, you can uninstall the game completely: go to Settings > Apps > Plants vs. Zombies > Uninstall (on Android) and uninstall the program. After successfully uninstallation, go to Google Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOS) and reinstall the game. This time, ensure the game is fully installed (at 100%) before launching it. And you are all set!

Hope you were able to resolve the issue? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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