Battlefield 5 Update: New Map and Upcoming Weapons

Based in World War II, Battlefield 5 was released in 2018 with eight maps initially and other plans for later on. A recent trailer announced a new map named “Mercury” to be updated for free into the game at the end of this month on 30th of May. It will be part of chapter 3 of Battlefield 5’s Tides of War live service.

Electronic Arts teased us with Mercury right after the launch, however just now we are able to get a clear idea of what this new map is all about. It will be located in on the gorgeous coast of Crete Island, in Greece and is inspired by the real events of Operation Mercury in 1941. Following the historical facts the two factions will be Germany and the United Kingdom.

What is new about the gameplay of this map is that the forces are quite unbalanced, the Germans will be controlling the sky with their fighter planes while the British will dominate the grounds with their tanks. Of course, the Brits will also have an air force however much smaller than the one belonging to the German faction.

With its rough and spiky cliffs and the verticality of the map, it seems that the play style resembles the one from Battlefield1’s Monte Grappa or Battlefield’s 4 Altai Range. Big vehicles and air support will be of considerable importance when defending or attacking objectives as well as having very strong fortifications.

Comparing with other maps is a “medium-large” map and watching the trailer you get the vibes of a “moderate to fast” intense battle tempo. In fact the trailer got very good feedbacks from gamers who got excited and motivated by it and said that the map reminded them older Battlefield maps and that they will return to the game.

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