The Witcher 3 Could Be Launched on the Nintendo Switch

We can’t live with rumors, but we can’t live without them. Because a new rumor has gone out on the Internet this week that says we could see The Witcher 3 being launched on Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch console isn’t offering too much in terms of power, even if it is designed to be versatile. Because the Switch isn’t considered as the equal of the PS4 or Xbox One regarding the process of power, you can’t expect to see high-spec titles.

New Report of the Witcher 3 on Switch Console

The news is saying that a version of the Witcher 3 will come to the Switch console. The rumor was shared on Reset Era, and it comes from China. Also, a new list of games that will be launched in 2019 is included. The message from the report says that Witcher 3 GOTY edition will come to Switch in September, and it will be fully playable.

However, fans are skeptical about the rumor, because they know how demanding the game is. On the other hand, we heard nothing from the CD Projekt Red about the subject, so this can mess with the validity of it. The possibility of transferring the Witcher 3 to the Switch exists, but we think that some compromises would be needed for a perfect function, especially for the Year Edition that is expected to include all the DLC packages.

Moreover, other titles that can be played on the Nintendo Switch, such as Resident Evil 7 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Both games have a cloud streaming version in Japan, but the service isn’t available in the UK or Europe. But this could give us an explanation on how the Witcher 3 could be launched on Switch.

Finally, a lot of fans are saying that the Witcher 3 could be planned for the new upgrade of the Nintendo Switch, but they are excluding the idea of a new Pro Nintendo Switch to be released during the E3 2019.

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