The Last of Us 2 Release Date Announcement Might Come Soon

The Last of Us remains one of the most popular PlayStation exclusives, and many fans are looking forward to the release of The Last of Us 2. The internet rumor machine is always hard at work, and a popular rumor started to spread a few weeks ago, claiming that more details about the game would be shared during the upcoming Days of Play event, which is scheduled to begin before E3 2019.

As the event is approaching a new rumor has surfaced, offering more details about the supposed released date of the title. According to reliable sources the new rumor claims that the game will be released during Q3 2019. As expected, it was embraced with enthusiasm by many fans who wish to learn more about the fate of Ellie.

The Last of Us 2 Release Date Announcement Might Come Soon

It is also inferred that the official The Last of Us 2 release date will be announced with the help of a trailer which could be released by the end of this week. The rumor was popularized by two gaming websites which claim that sources who are close to Sony offered the information.

It is essential to keep in mind the fact that any rumor should be taken with a grain of salt. Many gaming websites shared exciting news in the past, but in some cases, they failed to materialize. However, in this case, the rumor is reinforced by another one, which suggests that Sony plans to release a trailer for a new first-party game in the following week, and it is likely that The Last of Us 2 is the game in question.

This scenario appears to be quite possible, but we should take into account the fact that Sony may tease a different game, and even if the trailer does showcase this title, there is no guarantee that the game will be released in the autumn. The Last of Us 2 is currently in development for the PlayStation 4.

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