How to Fix Minecraft Crashing

fix minecraft crashing

Do you experience frequent crashes while playing Minecraft? Here’s a quick fix.

The popular online game – Minecraft – has millions of players across the globe, most of whom enjoy the excitement the game offers, both in the single-player and multiplayer modes. However, one notable downside of this game is the numerous complaints about the issue of ‘game crashing’. In fact, it’s been reported, by some players, that the game crashes at startup.

If you are experiencing this, follow through this tutorial to fix the error.

How to Fix Minecraft Crashing

Fix 1: Reboot PC

If you encounter frequent game crashes on Minecraft, force-closing the game is not applicable. Hence, as a first line of defence, you can restart your computer to clear off temporary files and fix minor glitches or bugs.

To do this:

  • close Minecraft
  • restart computer or power it off and on.
  • relaunch game.

If the game still crashes, you can try the next fix.

Fix 2: Reset CPU Speed to Default

Adjusting CPU to run faster than the standard speed could have a ripple effect on the smooth running of some apps/processes on your system. And Minecraft could be a victim here.

Hence, if you have, at one point or another, reconfigured your CPU speed rating, simply set it back to default and see if it fixes the game crashing error.

Fix 3: Update Security Patches

All apps, especially those still under development, have bugs, and this is the idea behind the continuous release of updates and patches to fix identified bugs. So, if Minecraft crashes frequently on your PC, a bug(s) in the game could be the culprit.

To install the latest patches, go to Minecraft’s official website.

Fix 4: Reinstall Minecraft

If, after updating patches, Minecraft still crashes, you can reinstall the program and see if it fixes the error. Simply remove the game from your computer and go to the designated site to reinstall it.

Minecraft still crashes? try the next fix.

Fix 5: Update Graphics Drivers

If your PC’s graphics drivers are out-of-date or if a driver is missing, you are bound to encounter crashes such as this.

To update graphics drivers, navigate to the website of your graphics card manufacturer and install the latest drivers. For NVIDIA, go here.

This should fix the crashing error.

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