iOS 12 Jailbreak Update – Version 12., 12.3 Security Issues Fixed

A jailbreak that can function on iOS versions 12.2 and 12.3 has not been created yet. However, security researcher Dany Lisiansky says that these iOS versions still feature weaknesses that Apple still didn’t fix.

The security researcher has previously identified numerous vulnerabilities in the 12.2 version of iOS, but the tech giant behind the OS has since patched the glitch. However, Lisiansky is positive that a fully functioning iOS 12 jailbreaking tool will soon be created, according to Business Times.

Lisiansky’s confidence comes as a blunt opposition to prior statements of one of the most renown security researchers in the community, @Pwn20wnd. He stated that the actual iOS jailbreak would be the last development of this kind because Apple is elevating its security protocols with their every update of the operating system.

The upcoming iOS 13 is anticipated to level up its security system as Apple is making efforts in finding the vulnerabilities Lisiansky talked about. At the moment, there are two best jailbreak solutions to unlock an Apple device that comes with a pre-installed 12.2 version into its system: the iOS 12 jailbreak unc0ver app, and the Chimera 1.0.7.

@Pwn20wnd said that those users who want to jailbreak their device should not update their device’s OS to the 12.2 variant because even the best professionals within the hacking communities are having a hard time defeating its system. The researcher announced that it would take some time before a fully functioning iOS 12 jailbreak will roll out. Even though it looks he might be right; numerous developers are currently searching in private to discover the vulnerabilities and opened doors that Apple has not yet find in the iOS 12.

The reveal of the new iOS 13 will take place at the upcoming WWDC 2019 event, scheduled to take place in June. Of course, both developers and users are anxiously awaiting to see what this new update will feature. If there are any weak points, there is no question that developers like @Pwn20wnd and Dany Lisianksy will exploit it, even though the tech giant behind iOS 13 is working on such glitches and will quickly act upon it.

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