The Latest Investment Opportunity: Crypto Market Ads (CMA) IEO On IDAX Exchange

The new era of decentralized marketplaces is upon us, and the CMA project (Crypto Market Ads) is building a whole new ecosystem to fit the innovation on IDAX Exchange.

Crypto Market Ads marketplace

Crypto Market Ads (CMA) is the very first IEO decentralized marketplace in the world. The first product that will be included in the ecosystem is, a marketplace which holds solutions to all crypto ad and marketing-related issues. Here, publishers and advertisers will be connected – all parties in the very same place. Crypto companies will finally receive support to promote their decentralized markets successfully.

Additional products to be included in the ecosystem

There will also be included other projects in the ecosystem such as a new blockchain for marketplaces, an ICO platform, and the visual drag & drop marketplace builder. The IEO would he held on IDAX and six more leading crypto exchanges with more to follow.

After registering, you can also take part in the IEO. According to official information, on June 5th, 13:00 (UTC+8) IDAX will provide Crypto Market Ads (CMA) token via an IEO. There will be special conditions for users who will be taking part in this – up to 28% bonuses during the first round.
The CMA project provides a total of 160,288,000 CMA tokens to IDAX users who will be included in the IEO.

IDAX is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world, and it figured out a lot of ways to create investment value for its users. These include working only with high-quality projects and helping users take part in IEOs.

CMA to form a specialized blockchain for marketplaces

Crypto Market Ads (CMA) will be working with all the nodes of the network, and it will make sure that there will be a high amount of transactions verification with the highest level of security and infinite scalable capacity. It will also be always on and globally distributed.

The CMA project will support all interested marketplaces from smaller ones to giants such as AliExpress. All of them will get the chance to put their business on the CMA blockchain and benefit from everything that the innovative tech weave has to offer. The visual decentralized marketplace builder will become the MVP for individuals and companies as well.

What’s next?

By December 2019 the Crypto Market Ads (CMA) plans to expand to America and more countries from Asia and Europe. By June 2020 the TestNet of the nee blockchain should be launch and the October the next year, CMA plans to launch a new blockchain and swap their token CMA to the CMA coin. The final goal is that the CMA coin gains highly specialized utility.

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