Elder Scrolls 6 Is Still Under Development After Experiencing Delays

Bethesda, the famous gaming studio, was involved in a lawsuit regarding a trademark. This process was reportedly postponing the work on the upcoming famous Elder Scrolls 6. However, the legal issues have been ultimately solved, and the game is now being developed as scheduled.

The lawsuit was filled because of an apparent copyright issue between the company and a book series regarding Bethesda’s plan to name its next game’s title ‘Redfall.’ The problem could have taken several years to solve, which implied that the game studio might have had to find a new name for the game or work it out somehow. They indeed worked things out, it seems. CriticalHit.net said in a report that the issue was most likely solved with some sort of payment to license the name to be used in the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 title.

Elder Scrolls 6 Is Still Under Development After Experiencing Delays With A Trademark-Related Lawsuit

​Fans and internet users can hope for a few more insights on the game to be unveiled at the E3 2019. The event is only a few weeks away, and it is expected to be a great spectacle besides the Elder Scrolls. Talking about when fans can expect the next Elder Scrolls title to be released, the general opinion seems to be that it will happen before the launch of the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft. And, of course, this is probably the least pleasant news about the game.

As the majority of gaming lovers know, the company behind The Elder Scrolls 6 is always registering its trademarks for its every game in the series. For instance, Oblivion, Morrowind, and Skyrim are all now Bethesda-registered trademarks. Lots of people have initially been thrilled to read about the Redfall trademark, having no idea that the title was a trilogy before ending up to be a probable title for the next Elder Scrolls game.

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