Microsoft Has An Interesting Vision About The Future Windows 10 Versions

Microsoft shared its vision of a modern OS during a press conference which showcased a new set of Windows 10 versions for PCs. The Redmond-based tech giant believes that the computers of the future, which will use advanced silicon chips, will also need a modern OS system that should be able to offer the intense experience of contemporary operating systems and a selection of features that would help it to stand out. Below you can find the features which should be possessed by a modern OS, according to the company.

Microsoft Has An Interesting Vision About The Future Windows 10 Versions

Seamless Windows 10 updates

The first feature seems to be inspired by the negative feedback offered by Windows 10 users. Many complain about the update mechanic used by the OS, and Microsoft seems to believe that updates made in the background seem to be the perfect solution. They would deliver the best experience possible without annoying the end user by imposing a mandatory downtime until the update is installed.

Higher security levels

The new Windows 10 OS versions would be secure by default since the state will be separated from the OS, and the computation part will not be linked to the applications. Such a feature appears to require cloud power, and some users may not enjoy the idea of limiting their privacy for the sake of security.

Always online

In the future users will remain connected at all times with the help of powerful 5G and Wi-Fi networks. The devices owned by the user will be linked together to increase usability and comfort.

Superior performance

The experience of using a device should be seamless from the moment you pick it up, and maximum performance should be continuously offered.

The power of the cloud

The power of the cloud could be used to improve the user experience and make the device more useful. A built-in AI will anticipate the needs of the users and aim to deliver what he or she needs. These features appear to be quite significant, and Microsoft is already working on a future incarnation of Windows. It remains to be seen of some them will make an appearance in future Windows 10 versions.

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