Square Enix Announced Dragon Quest Walk, A Pokemon Go-like AR Mobile Game

Dragon Quest is a long-running series of video games. The series is credited as a pioneer of the role-playing genre on consoles, adding many of the features which are now deemed to be a staple. Square Enix, the current publisher, announced an upcoming Dragon Quest Walk mobile game which would be a Pokemon Go-like one.

The first entry in the Dragon Quest series was published in 1986, and 11 games were released as a part of the main series. The success of the game led to the rise of a vibrant franchise, which offers manga, anime, and novels, accompanied by a high number of popular spin-off video games.

Many were looking forward to the release of a high-quality port or a 2D version of the upcoming mainline Dragon Quest title. However, the announcement was quite surprising. Dragon Quest Walk will be an augmented reality title in the vein of Pokemon Go. Several screenshots reveal some impressive graphics, and the title retains the iconic looks of the monsters featured in previous games.

Dragon Quest Walk will be a future Pokemon Go-style game

A trailer showcases the looks of several monsters across a variety of locations and social situations. The trailer is quite funny, and it seems that the title will sport the charm of the series even if it is an unexpected take on the franchise.

The trailer for the game was released during a Square Enix conference, and some gameplay elements were showcased during the event. The title will focus on a turn-based system, and the vast selection of music from previous titles will contribute to the atmosphere. Players will have the ability to use a real-time map which displays several objectives and points of interests.

NPC will give quests which can be completed by walking to real places. The quests appear to be quite interesting, and the interface is friendly and amusing. At this point, it seems that the title will release Japan and Square Enix didn’t mention anything about an international version. Dragon Quest games aren’t too popular in the West, but Square wants to change this. It remains to be seen if the upcoming Dragon Quest Walk mobile game will be successful in the long run.


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