Fortnite Has Come with Fortbyte #91 and a Hidden Location when You Load Screen #4 

The two upcoming skins for the item shop, Sandstorm, and Scimitar haven’t been coming with something hidden. But we have found out that Week 4 loading screen is hiding something after all. The two Fortbytes that were dropped in the game are Fortbyte #90, and Fortbyte #91, and the last has an unknown location when you load screen #4.  If you are curious for the map, guide and position in the Forbyte #91 read on.

Fortbyte #91

If you want to see the loading screen, you must complete the full four weeks of challenges. You have the free challenges and the Battle Pass Challenges. After you have completed the entire tasks, loading screen #4 will open.  You will see that what you encounter isn’t so exciting, but wait! The clue isn’t hidden in the image that shows us two characters in the desert area, but in the game description from your locker. The story sounds like that: “Sandstorm and Scimitar race to the Keyboard King ATM, and the winner always gets paid.”

Starting with this description, you will know that you must go to Keyboard King, which is a store in Paradise Palms. You will find the ATM on the western side of the location, exactly near to the respawn van from the main street. You can collect by interacting with it or by destroying it to see the Fortbyte floating where the ATM was once.

Take note that the hidden battle stars that will appear in the loading screen are challenges that need to be complete for access them. But in Fortbyte #91 you can get it without worrying about completing the other challengers for building your Fortybe collections. After collecting it, a new piece of Fortbyte puzzle will appear in the challenges tab.

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