Clash Of Clans June Update Incoming: What To Expect?

After so many new challenges and quests in Clash of Clans, we’re all getting ready to welcome the Clash Of Clans June Update which will bring a new magic item called “The Research Potion” and a few more changes to the league shot, the magic hammers, as well as some balance changes that will be announced this week.

Let’s see what to expect from the Clash of Clans June Update!

A New Magic Item Introduced

The Clash of Clans team announced in a blog post the new item called The Research Potion. It’s a magic item that is said to be “the culmination of Wizardly and Goblin alchemical experimentation.”

The story behind this potion is rather… impressive, as the ‘researchers’ have concocted it by pure mistake:

“They got a telescope, a microscope, an oscilloscope, and a stethoscope and did approximately 45 minutes of hard molecular and arcane science. After a rather loud and ominous explosion, the Research Potion was the accidental result of these…efforts.”

The Research Potion will be released with the June Update and players can use it tospeed up your Lab Research times by 10x for an hour.”

Other Changes: League Shop, Magic Hammers

With the June Update, players will see some changes in the League Shop, including these three items that will be available for different costs:

  • Training Potions for 10 League Medals
  • Research Potions cost 20 League Medals
  • Builder Potions cost 30 League Medals.

Because the Magic Hammers are too powerful, the Clash of Clans team has decided to put a 7-day cooldown on all Magic Hammers.” If you buy a Magic Hammer in the League Shop, you can only buy one again after 7 days when the cooldown ends. If you buy a Hammer of Heroes you cannot buy another one for 7 days, but you can buy another type of Hammer.

We’ll be right back with some more news including balance updates for Clash of Clans.

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