Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield Won’t Be Present At E3 2019

We have some terrible news for Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield fans, but neither of the two Bethesda most sought-after games will be present at E3 2019. However, that doesn’t mean that Bethesda is not still working on the development of both Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield. As a matter of fact, Bethesda’s head, Todd Howard, discusses both titles in an interview with IGN.

Elder Scrolls 6 Would Be As Long-Lived As The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

According to Todd Howard, the games studio, Bethesda, is thinking that Elder Scrolls 6 would be a game that would last for about ten years, at minimum. Accordingly, Elder Scrolls 6 would be an exciting installment in the series, and the company also believes that the release would be the most popular title in the franchise.

In other words, Bethesda plans to produce Elder Scrolls 6 to be as long-lived as The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. “On the one hand, I think it’s good to miss things. I think that makes people come to it with really fresh eyes. When you eventually, eventually see the game and what we have in mind [you’ll] understand the gap more in terms of technology and what we want it to do,” Todd Howard said in the interview with IGN.

Both Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls 6 And Starfield Won’t Be At E3 2019

On the other hand, besides Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield will miss E3 2019, as Bethesda’s Todd Howard revealed. “Starfield will have its own tone in terms of there is so much science-fiction in the same way that Fallout has its own tone in a post-apocalyptic. Elder Scrolls has found its own tone but originally didn’t. It was a very generic fantasy,” Howard said.

Besides, Todd Howard admitted that Starfield had been the first choice to launch after Fallout 4, but the initial plans weren’t as reliable as initially discussed. Accordingly, at the moment, Starfield is in the works at Bethesda’s North American studios. Also, Howard said that any fan must be patient about the release of Starfield. But, the same applies to Elder Scrolls 6 since Starfield is the first game that Bethesda would launch and, afterward, Elder Scrolls 6 would come out.

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