Best File Sharing Apps on Android

best file sharing apps on android

Gone are the days when Bluetooth was the ultimate file sharing  medium on mobile platforms. Today, there are now standard file sharing apps, which offer better flexibility and faster transfer speed compared to the old (outdated) Bluetooth medium.

In this article, we’ll be bringing you a roundup of the best file sharing apps on Android. Read on!

4 Best File Sharing Apps on Android

  1. Xender

As expected by many, Xender tops our list! This file sharing app is a game changer, and it stands out as the most widely used file sharing app out there.

The app is cross compatible with notable operating platforms (mobile and desktop), including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. And it supports cross platform transfers between these platforms.

Xender is, however, best known for its speed; running up to 200 times the speed of a standard Bluetooth. This makes it the ideal option for transferring huge files, as the whole transfer process is completed within seconds or minutes.

Xender is available for free download on Play Store (for Android users).

  1. Flash Share

Flash Share is widely regarded as the number one alternative to Xender. And it shares similar transfer speed and UI with the app. With this, it comfortably stands out as one of the best file sharing apps for Android.

Like Xender, Flash Share uses Wi-Fi/Hotspot to establish connection between devices. And its transfer speed is more or less the same as that Xender.

However, unlike Xender, Flash Share is not available on Play Store; hence, its installation may be a little tricky. Nevertheless, you can easily get its APK file from any Android APK download site.

  1. ShareIt

ShareIt is another popular file sharing app for Android. And it offers similar transfer speed to those of Xender and Flash Share. The app is commonly tagged “Lenovo mobile transfer application”, and it is best deployed on Lenovo-branded Android devices.

ShareIt is renowned for its “cloning” ability, as it can easily clone the apps and media on a connected device.

You can download ShareIt for free from Play Store.

  1. MyAppSharer

MyAppSharer rounds up our list of best file sharing apps on Android. This app uses Wi-Fi/Hotspot to establish connection between devices, to facilitate file transfer at improved speed. And it is best deployed for sharing apps.

MyAppSharer can be downloaded for free from Play Store.

Hope you were able to make a suitable choice in selecting the best file sharing app for your android device? Let us know your preferred pick by commenting below.

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