Dark Mode for iOS is already available on unc0ver’s jailbreak version 3.2

The new iOS 13 has been officially announced, and its Dark Mode feature is the main element people are anxiously waiting for. The mode is said to be a working system-wide and on all the native applications. The feature won’t, however, be available until later this year, but thanks to unc0ver developing team, a jailbreak that features it has been released. The version of the jailbreak is numbered 3.2.

As if to take over the reported addition of Dark Mode in the iOS 13, hacking team unc0ver has released their version 3.2 of the jailbreak at the beginning of this month. The release of the jailbreak came a few days before the 2019 WWDC, and it has been found that the rumor is correct. The mode is going to be available for the iPhone, but it will take a few months for users to have access to it.

However, jailbreak fans have an alternative, as the hacking leader @Pwn20wnd and unc0ver his team has released the version 3.2. By offering the newest jailbreak tool, the team also enabled users to a user interface that is not sanctioned by Apple. Unc0ver has therefore decided to mirror a feature that Apple has announced with the upcoming iOS 13.

Apple stated that the Dark Mode was created to offer an excellent viewing experience, particularly in low-light environments. Dark Mode is a feature with system-wide function, and it will be incorporated on native iOS applications but third-party apps as well. However, non-Apple applications have to be re-coded by their developers to allow the feature to function on iOS 13.

Unc0ver’s Dark Mode has the same difficulty, as the incorporation of the feature will depend on the update to be performed by apps and adjustments providers on Cydia. Still, Dark Mode on a jailbreak already is the sure evidence that Apple is sometimes lagging behind independent developers.

Apple has claimed that even though iOS 13 can be installed on the majority of its devices, there are a few models that will be exempted. This means that the upcoming iOS 13 will not be available for install on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the iPod Touch beginning with the sixth generation and down.

The jailbreak tool which contains the Dark Mode, however, will be available on devices running on iOS versions 11.0 to 12.1.2.

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