TrueGoldCoin (TGC) Gold-Backed Digital Currency Represents The Real Nature Of Cryptocurrency

TrueGoldCoin (TGC) represents the real nature of cryptocurrency and the fact that actual gold reserves back this digital currency makes TrueGoldCoin project a reliable one and a trustworthy plan for investments. The team behind TrueGoldCoin project, with a 30-year experience in innovation, networks and telecommunications, artificial intelligence, ISP management, design, and configuration, is a dedicated group that considered that combining robust commodity mining titles with the blockchain technology is the key to a stronger market.

About TrueGoldCoin (TGC)

The TrueGoldCoin (TGC) crypto token represents the return “to the coin roots,” as the project’s Whitepaper states. The fiat currency is gradually losing most of its intrinsic value that was, in the past, linked to gold reserves. In the 1970s, the US government unlinked the US Dollar from the gold stocks, a decision that led to significant imbalances, including increased inflation.

Trying to tackle the imperfections of fiat currency which is not anymore backed by gold reserves in the real sense, TrueGoldCoin (TGC) cryptocurrency works backed up by 1,800 hectares of gold mining rights, meaning that TGC is reliable for all types of investors, including those that come for the outside of the cryptocurrency market.

“Added to the classic governance features offered by tokens in public, decentralized and immutable blockchain networks… is added a clear demonstration of commitment and commitment to stability. Prestigious collaborations with NASA dispel any doubt about the capacity of the TrueGoldCoin team. We find a solid “golden rule” in the founding technical document – We will never issue more than 10% of the calculated value of our gold reserves,” the TrueGoldCoin (TGC) team stated in a press release.

TrueGoldCoin (TGC) ICO Is Now Ongoing

At the moment of the writing, the TrueGoldCoin (TGC) ICO is running. Accordingly, any investors who want to put some money into this project are free to do that. However, keep in mind that TrueGoldCoin (TGC) is backed by actual gold reserves, so the investment is indeed secure, to some extent.

“TrueGoldCoin is not just an initial offer (ICO), or an ICO backed on an asset or a simple AltCoin that was launched to satisfy the moment. No, TrueGoldCoin (TGC) is also backed by real cash to make sure that any TGC holder who wants to exchange their tokens for fiat, the money will be available in the treasury to do so,” stated one of the founders, Enrique Pallares, on IcoHolder.

As it is backed by gold reserves, the TrueGoldCoin (TGC) project is focusing on liquidity since it’s primary purpose is to permit any investors to exchange their TGC cryptocurrency into fiat currency whenever they want. “Exchanges are available, but in building the ecosystem for TGC payments, we need our tokens to be exchangeable for any currency at any time,” said Enrique Pallares.

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