Google Earth Rolled Out With New Tools, Content, And Improvements

It is likely that most internet users heard at least once about Google Earth, one of the most popular programs and apps released by Google. The software delivers an impressive and accurate representation of Earth with the help of satellite imagery. A selection of data, including satellite images, GIS data, and aerial photography is superimposed over a 3D globe, allowing users to visualize cities and landmarks from a variety of angles. Now, Google Earth is available to download with new tools, content, and improvements.

By entering addresses and coordinates, users can explore the entire planet seamlessly, and you can jump from one city to another in a flash. There is also the option to add personalized data with the help of the Keyhole Markup Language, and it can be uploaded to various web platforms, including forums and blogs.

Google Earth Features

3D world

Google Earth can show accurate 3D building models for select regions, including high-accuracy photorealistic 3D imagery. While independent users uploaded the first 3D renders of the building, Google announced in 2012 that they would be replaced with a unified auto-generated 3D mesh. Large cities were featured, but the coverage of iconic capitals like London was delayed since more time was needed for processing. Hundreds of cities from over 40 countries can be viewed in 3D at any time.

Street View

This is one of the most popular features added to the service. Users can view a 360 degrees panoramic perspective of select cities and locations. The images were captured with the help of cameras mounted on cars. While quite impressive, they may be old in some case, and they no longer show the street as it looks in reality.


While Google Earth is open users have the option to choose between several layers which convey specific information like borders and labels, roads, oceans 3D buildings, and much more.

Google Earth rolled out with new tools, content, and improvements

The latest update, Google Earth, comes with the ability to use a virtual ruler to calculate distances and areas across the globe. Over 100 cities were also updated with impressive 3D images.

Google Earth is available on the Google Play Store, and you can already download the new version of the popular app.

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