iPhone XR 2019 Available In Various Color Options

New leaks of the iPhone XR 2019 have surfaced, showing its possible color variants. When it launched, the iPhone XR of 2018 had a variation of a lot more colors, which the regular iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max did not have, and it appears that the company has been preparing to keep the same tradition going, with this year’s brand new iPhone XR.

The upcoming iPhone XR is assumed to come with new color options such as black, gold, silver, and red. These color variants will differentiate the new iPhone from all the other smartphones.

These days, the majority of the upcoming smartphones are either entirely or partly leaked before the official release. For instance, the Pixel 3a and the Zenfone 6 were leaked completely before their official announcement.

The Canadian Renders have already displayed details of this year’s brand new iPhone XR which features a dual camera array on the back and a big square camera bump in which camera will be placed, as said in the leaks. There’s also a 360 degree render video depicting the huge notch and the different colors the new iPhone XR will feature.

A few users have been asking around about this year’s iPhone XR’s camera placement. The square bump on the rear side of the device will be hosting the dual cameras the iPhone XR will feature.

The iPhone XI is assumed to come with triple camera setup on the back.

A thing that concerns users and fans of the iPhone is in regard to the huge and unaesthetic notch, which seems to still come with the new iPhone. The majority of smartphone developers and manufacturers have been attempting and succeeding in ditching the notch with the Flip Cameras in the Zenfone 6, per example, it seems that the tech giant behind the popular iPhone isn’t planning to get rid of it anytime soon.

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