Pokemon Sword and Shield Release Date Update And News On Its Features

Did you miss the Nintendo Pokemon Direct live stream? We got you covered as we will present to you all the new information about the new Pokemon Sword and Shield. With a confirmed date release, November 15th, Nintendo showed us the new creatures and characters of the new upcoming Pokemon game.

Also, the game will feature a new “Wild Area”, a new battle mechanic named Dynamax, and Max Raid Battles. As we are used to, we will have new Pokemon characters. Gen 8 brings Wooloo, Gossifleur, and Drednaw. We will also have a game’s flying taxi, Corviknight that will allow us to visit towns and areas in the game.

Let’s take a look at the new features in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Coming as a big addition of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Wild Area is a vast landscape between the main cities and you can explore it as much as you want. Here you will be in complete control of the camera and, at different times of the day and weather, you can spot different Pokemon.

With the Pokemon from the Galar region being able to grow in size and boost the power of their moves, the new battle mechanic called Dynamax will be available to use only once per battle so you’ll have to be very careful as the other trainers will have the same power. Not such a great thing is the Dynamax Pokemon returns to their original form after three turns, so you’ll have to use it wisely.

If you want to make a team with other trainers and kick some giant Dynamax Pokemon ass, you can use the new multiplayer component of Pokemon Sword and Shield, Max Raid battles. Remember that only one of the trainers will be able to Dynamax their Pokemon, so choose wisely if you won’t want to lose these max raid battles. The release date for the Nintendo Switch of the new Pokemon Sword and Shield is November 15th, this year, and we can’t wait for it to play!

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