Google Shuts Down Budget Google Pixel Slate Tablets Line

The Celeron-powered Google Pixel Slate tablets have been removed from the Google Store after being available for a limited time on the website. The two models, which have been out of stock in recent months, were exclusive to the Google Store. The delisting is a clear hint that Google decided to kill the line, a move which shouldn’t be surprising since they didn’t enjoy a good reputation.

Budget Google Pixel Slate line shut down by Google

With a price of $599 and $699, these versions of the Google Pixel Slate line offered an affordable alternative to the iPad. The more expensive versions were appreciated by a large number of reviewers and customers. However, many customers complained that the Celeron iteration offered a horrible users experience. The range is powered by Chrome OS, and the experience has been described as being laggy in the case of the Celeron versions.

The strongest advantages of the device were the build quality and hardware feature. The power button featured a built-in fingerprint sensor, allowing users to unlock their device instantly. The keyboard accessory received a large amount of praise since the smart use of magnets means that you can choose an excellent angle for the display without the need to rely on a few rigid variations.

High-end Google Pixel Slate models are still available

A high-quality 12.3-ich Molecular Display offered a great pixel density of the 293 pixels per inch. Prospective customers can choose between several performance options, with the ceiling being represented by an 8th Generation Intel i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM.

On the media side, an 8MP sensor with Full HD capability is featured on the rear while an 8MP dual camera setup delivers decent selfies. The setup includes a pair of dual front speakers, two USB-C ports, the fingerprint sensor which was mentioned before and a 48Wh battery. The most affordable version offered by Google after the cull is the 8th GEN Intel M3, with a starting price tag of $799.

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