Huawei Smartphones Won’t Feature Facebook, Instagram, Or WhatsApp By Default

A new report coming from Reuters states that Facebook Inc. will no longer allow Huawei to pre-install Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp applications on the upcoming smartphones. That is the most recent instance of Western tech giants putting an end to their connections with the besieged Chinese telecom company after the U.S. president Donald Trump issued a forcible trade ban on its acquirement of American phone parts and software.

However, Huawei smartphone users will still be able to download and install, also use apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook’s primary application itself, but they will keep receiving updates via the Google Play Store. Still, the new Huawei phones will no longer receive these apps pre-installed. This means that the company will not be able to include the apps ready to use, which it usually does, together with numerous other pre-loaded apps such as Twitter.

Huawei Smartphones Won’t Feature Facebook, Instagram, Or WhatsApp By Default

Facebook has seemingly gone on the other side of the deal with the trade ban than Google did. Google has issued a temporary license to keep on sending security updates to Huawei smartphones already in function. Huawei devices which are at the moment in stores or even those who have not yet been delivered or been built will still come with the services Google offers pre-installed. According to Reuters, Facebook is calling on its pre-installs on any Huawei phone ‘which has not yet left the factory.’

The implications aren’t inevitably as concerning for the Chinese tech giant as other previous decisions from Google and ARM. ARM had restricted Huawei’s ability to utilize core Android services and create its own chips. However, Facebook’s decision is moving closer to another probable way for Huawei to offer essential third-party apps to its clients, emphasizing the fact that it will have to do it alone with its own application store, which is not such a small matter.

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