Chrome APK 75 for Android Available with Dark Mode and a New Password Generator

Update version 74 for Chrome had come with Dark Mode for the first time. Unfortunately for a lot of people, the feature was hidden and it could have been accessed by the flags.  Because of that, not many users have known about it. Now Chrome is receiving update version 75 that brings incredible and useful features for Android Q or Pie.

Chrome APK Version 75

The new update APK version 75 for Chrome on Android is coming with a dark mode that is now accessible to all users from settings. Also, the default settings for Dark Mode are activated automatically when the phone is entering into Battery Save Mode. Of course, you can always enable the dark theme manually from the settings. You will see that while using the dark theme, the text is made to be brighter. This feature has been, especially for smooth performance while using this theme.

Besides this, another feature is added to version 75 for Chrome. The new Password Generator is now added to Google Chrome for Android users. This Password Generator is helping you to generate a strong password while filling forms. For example, if you want to try to register a new account on, you can try this Password Generator.  The results of this feature are amazing! Google is suggesting you use the new password generator for maintaining your privacy.

In addition to the dark mode and the privacy option, the new update for Chrome version 75, is bringing Level 2 Share Web API. With Level 2 Share Web API, you can share images and other formats. If we remember correctly, in the previous versions of Chrome, only text could have been shared.

Finally, the updated version 75 of Chrome is rolling out to users, but you can find a safe source to download it manually.

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