Clash Of Clans Builder Hall 9 Will Come Soon – Details Revealed

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 9 will be available soon, and it comes with several twists and new features, as well as with new items and content, as reported by TechHX. In a video released earlier today, Clash of Clans team revealed the details of the upcoming Builder Hall 9.

Once you update to Clash of Clans Builder Hall 9, you will receive access to lots of features, including some new ones and several new items. According to the presentation of the forthcoming Builder Hall 9, the following features would be present:

  • 1x NEW: Lava Launcher
  • 1x NEW: O.T.T.O Hut
  • 20x Walls
  • 1x Firecrackers
  • 1x Spring Trap
  • 1x Mega Mine

What’s new in Clash of Clans Builder Hall 9?

New Air Troop: Hog Glider

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 9 brings a new troop, the Hog Glider. This one is an air troop and will target defensive constructions. It would first stun the enemy and then it will get down, turning into a regular Hog Rider. Here are the stats of the new troop, Hog Glider, as per the Builder Hall 9 presentation on Supercell Forum:

  • Favorite target: Defenses
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Units per camp: 2
  • Movement speed: 24

Lava Launcher, a new defense structure

You can now stop your enemies as they advance by throwing molten rocks to them with the new defensive structure – Lava Launcher. The Lava Launcher throws lava balls which produce craters at the impact, causing even more damage to your enemies’ ground troops. Here are the stats for the new defense structure:

  • Build Time: 24h
  • Range: 10-20 tiles
  • Damage type: Area splash
  • Targets: Ground
  • Favorite Target: Any


A new charging station will come to Clash of Clans Builder Hall 9. The new OTTO Hut will be available once the new Builder Hall arrives, and players can upgrade it to Level 5 but not before fulfilling some quick tasks. Once you have updated the charging station to Level 5, you’ll have access to the new Builder Bot known as OTTO.

For more details on the upcoming Clash of Clans Builder Hall 9, check out the video below:

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