IMO Vs. Skype Vs. WhatsApp – How To Download And Install IMO on Android, iOS, and PC

IMO is video and text chat application that offers something different than the other messaging and video services. The app has been downloaded for more than 500 million and rated with 4.5 stars on the Google App Store. Below are listed the apps’ features and the different options, which makes it an effective stand-alone service. Who knows, you might want to enjoy the experience it brings. But, let’s see how is IMO different in comparison with the other two popular instant messaging apps, namely Skype and WhatsApp.

IMO Features

  • Enables text messages, recorded audio messages
  • Allows you to make audio or video calls on one-person chat and also on group chat
  • Offers IMO stickers
  • Send images and videos easily
  • If an unknown number calls you, you can block it
  • The app shows if a person is online while making a call as the text it appears is ‘Ringing.’ If the recipient is not online, the text that appears states ‘Calling’
  • You can create groups for sharing text and video
  • Your contacts ‘Last Seen’ is visible

IMO Vs. Skype Vs. WhatsApp

IMO vs. Skype

  • IMO works faster than Skype
  • Manages instant messaging
  • IMO’s video quality is similar to Skype’s
  • Skype has a better interface than IMO
  • You cannot send document files via IMO, but Skype allows it
  • Skype has issues with low internet speed, but IMO gives good results on lower speeds
  • You can set a status on Skype, however, IMO doesn’t allow it
  • IMO is rated better than Skype on Google App Store
  • Skype offers a paid subscription but not IMO

IMO vs. WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp has a user-centric interface while the one in IMO is not that good
  • Both allow audio and video calls, also text messages
  • You can hide your last seen in WhatsApp, but IMO doesn’t allow it
  • People other than from your contact list can contact you on IMO, but WhatsApp doesn’t allow that
  • Both apps can be used to send video or images
  • WhatsApp enables you to send your location and contacts, but IMO doesn’t
  • You can set a video or picture as your status on WhatsApp but IMO doesn’t have that status option
  • Both services allow you to create groups
  • WhatsApp is safer as it uses end-to-end encryption
  • WhatsApp supports thirty-three languages, IMO supports thirty languages

How to Download and Install IMO app

Follow the instructions below to download the IMO app on your Android, iOS devices, and PC.

IMO on Android

  1. Download the IMO app from here
  2. The installation will automatically start as the download completes
  3. Search the app icon in your device’s menu
  4. Tap on the icon to open and follow the instructions
  5. You are all set to enjoy a chat and calling with your loved ones

For iOS

  1. Download the app from here
  2. As installation completes, the app’s icon will appear in your device’s menu
  3. Open the app and follow the instructions
  4. You’re all set

For PC

  • Download an Android Emulator on your PC if you don’t have one
  • Open the Android Emulator on PC
  • Drag IMO app file and drop it in the emulator
  • Install the IMO with the help of the Android Emulator
  • Open the app after completing the installation process and follow the instructions
  • You can now use IMO on your PC


After reading the comparisons and the IMO app’s features, you know better if you either find the app suitable for you or not. In conclusion, we cannot say that IMO is better than Skype or WhatsApp, but it comes with some functions that the other before-mentioned apps don’t have.

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