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iPhone 11 Leaks Revealed The Awkward Design Of Upcoming iPhone 2019 Models

Everyone is excited about the release of the new iPhone 2019 models this fall. Since many could not contain their impatience, iPhone 11 leaks started to emerge online.

Using the leaked schematics and renders, Ben Geskin, who is a famous tech designer, built physical models of the new iPhone 2019 models, namely, iPhone 11 and 11 Max.

After posting the results on Twitter, the alleged design of Apple’s new smartphones did not receive many good comments. The majority of fans declared themselves disappointed of the ugly appearance of the new iPhones. The highest ranked responses under Geskin’s post were “Horrible design… it looks soo awkward” and “Steve Jobs would’ve fired everyone.”

iPhone 11 Leaks Revealed The Awkward Design Of Upcoming iPhone 2019 Models

The main problem of the new design is the new camera hump, containing the triple camera arrangement. The response to the design is ironic since the primary source of hatred towards the new models is most likely to be the headline upgrade of the iPhone 11. Some say that the design looks so awful because the camera setup is so close to the Apple logo and almost touching the central vertical line.

The new iPhone models will feature substantial sensor upgrades, which could place them to the top of the smartphone camera charts. Other updates include a big battery boost, which is expected to receive a positive response from users. Apple’s new iPhones will not cover the 3D touch technology, which means their haptic experience will be inferior to every iPhone since the 6S. Even more, notches will still be present on the new models.

With these being said, we believe these leaks should not be taken very seriously. This may not be the final design of the new iPhone models. After all, we can’t be sure of anything until Apple makes an official announcement.

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