New Brawl Stars Balance Changes – June

Brawl Stars players, get ready to see some nerfs and buffs coming to the game today!

A new balance update will come today after a quick maintenance, as mentioned by the official Brawl Stars Twitter account a couple of hours ago. A lot of Brawlers will get buffed today, let’s check them out!

Let’s check out all the details provided by the Brawl Stars blog below. We will separate the Brawlers into three categories: NERFED, BUFFED, and BALANCED.



  • Main attack damage decreased to 580 (from 640)
  • Star Power projectile speed buff decreased to 13% (from 16%)


  • Super range decreased by 15% – to 7.66 tiles (from 9 tiles)
  • “When Gene pulls an enemy, it interrupts the healing process of the enemy”


  • Main attack damage decreased  to 460 (from 480)
  • “Now needs 11 hits from Main attack instead of 10 to fully Charge up Super”



  • Main attack damage increased to 520 (from 500)
  • “Now needs 10 hits from Main attack instead of 11 to fully Charge up Super”


  • Super damage increased to 2200 (from 2000)


  • Star Power damage bonus increased to 50% (from 40%)
  • Star Power duration increased to 12 seconds (from 10 seconds )


  • Main attack reload time decreased to 2.4s (from 2.5s)


  • “Star Power now targets close by enemies instead of randomly shooting everywhere*”


  • Main attack and Super damage increased to 320 (from 300)
  • Star Power damage bonus increased to 100 (from 80)


  • Star Power slow duration increased to 3.0s (from 2.5s)



  • Health increased  to 4400 (from 4200)
  • Star Power speed boost decreased  to 15% (from 19%)
  • “Hits a bit easier with the main attack if the enemy is very close to Bibi*”
  • “Bibi no longer consumes home run bar when using super to kick the ball.*”


  • Health increased to 4600 (from 4200)
  • Star Power shield protection amount decreased to 30% (from 40%)


Minecart Madness:

  • “Train moves slower and spawns less frequently (change only affects online games*)”

All changes with a * work in online games, added the Brawl Stars team in their blog post, explaining that they will not show up in “solo in Friendly game room,” but the effects will be added there in the next client update.

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