How to Use Spells in Clash Royale

spells in clash royale

This tutorial will be showing you some tips on how to use spells in Clash Royale.

As a Clash Royale gamer, you’re probably familiar with the attack and defense patterns of the game. However, what many don’t know is how to use spells to hasten victory.

So, if you are a newbie (or even a pro) on Clash Royale, this guide will show you how to use spells to improve your odds.

How to Use Spells in Clash Royale

  • Lightning Card

This is one of the most potent spells. It has the capacity to destroy up to three enemy troops and buildings. When used appropriately, it can paralyze the enemy’s defenses and hasten your victory.

Lightning costs 6 elixirs; so, a spell of such value should only be used when absolutely necessary.

  • Freeze

Freeze is one of the most important cards in Clash Royale. However, it’s best deployed alongside an attack card like Hog Rider. The idea is for Freeze to clump up enemy troops, allowing the attack card to neutralize them easily.

To prevent a reverse, ensure your troops are stretched and positioned away from your tower.

  • Rocket

This is similar to Lightning, and it also costs 6 elixirs. However, compared to Lightning, it covers lesser ground, but inflicts more damage.

Rocket is highly valuable and it is best deployed where there is a gathering of enemy troopers in a confined or small area. This way, you are able to neutralize all enemy targets in the area with one Rocket.

  • Arrows

This is like the most used spell/card in Clash Royale. If properly deployed, it can inflict damage to enemy troops over a large area. This is because, it has a large radius, which makes it highly suitable for neutralizing multiple enemy targets at a time.

Interestingly, Arrows doesn’t require many elixirs; so, you get to use it a bit more often.

  • Rage

Rage is best used for attacking the enemy. Costing only 3 elixirs, it can speed up the deployment rate of your troops, and improve their attack speed by up to 35%.

  • Fireball Spell

This is another valuable card/spell. Fireball is best deployed in defense. And when used in attack, it can cause serious damage to the enemy.

  • Poison

Use Poison to slow down the enemy’s advance, before going on full assault.

Hope you find this helpful?

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